Why I’m Running

I am running for United States Senate to represent the people of Utah — not just by paying lip service to their concerns during an election year, but by bringing their voices and issues to the halls of Washington every single day. Together, I believe we can break the partisan gridlock in our capital, seek common sense instead of ideological nonsense, and return to a more responsible form of government that works for Utahns.

The first step to responsible government is Common Sense. For too many years, Washington has been dominated by career politicians more interested in scoring partisan points and caving to special interests than representing the values of their constituents and the best interests of the American people. I’m running for United States Senate to change that.

As a small business owner, I’ve learned that you don’t solve problems by being stubborn and inflexible, and that real leaders possess the wisdom, humility and independence necessary to consider all sides of a situation and develop a practical, common sense solution. That’s the kind of level-headed approach I plan to bring back to Congress as Utah’s next senator.

I believe it’s time to return accountability to the halls of government. It’s time for our congressional representatives to remember who they’re working for – the residents of Utah.

In a unique, diverse state such as ours, voters need a senator who understands and respects their views and is prepared to fight for them. I am ready and willing to take your voice to Washington, give Utah’s values a seat at the table, and begin creating a better future for all of us.