How will you fix immigration?

We start with a big fence. A sovereign nation needs to secure its borders.

But a fence is not enough. We also need a large gate in that fence that swings both ways. Legal immigration needs to be simpler and easier, and we also need to provide a way for those who want to work in this country to return home when the agricultural season is over. A large percentage of illegal immigrants don’t come here in the dead of night — they arrive here legally and then let their visas expire. Many want to go home — but they stay here because they are afraid they won’t be able to get back to the United States if they leave.

Eliminating the demand for illegal immigration is just as important as cutting off the supply. This requires a two-pronged approach. First, we must enact strong penalties on business owners who choose to employ undocumented workers and send a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. However, on the other hand, we should also establish a responsible guest worker program that will allow the Border Patrol to focus on those who want to cross our borders to do us harm, not just those who want to pick fruit or change sheets at Utah’s ski resorts.

We can’t afford to let this important discussion get bogged down by extremism and incivility. This complex issue requires a thoughtful, comprehensive solution that fully addresses the problem.

Do you want to repeal the 14th Amendment?

We need to fix our broken immigration system, but carelessly repealing important portions of our Constitution is not the way to do it. Congress should be focusing on solving real problems, not catering to the knee-jerk reactions of extremists. The 14th Amendment protects the foundational principles of our Republic and it should not be tampered with just to satisfy the heated partisan rhetoric of the day. Sam will strongly oppose any attempt to repeal or alter the 14th Amendment.