Economic Recovery

Where are You on TARP?

TARP was an ugly, difficult decision, but both Republicans and Democrats recognized it was necessary in order to avoid a systemic worldwide economic meltdown.

Republican Governor Mitt Romney described the situation as follows:

“The original TARP program, proposed by President Bush’s administration, prevented the collapse of our financial system. Without that legislation, we would have seen the collapse of the entire free market system in this country and perhaps in the world. It was a courageous and correct thing to do to protect our financial system.”

These difficult times require a common sense leader who can make the right decision in even the toughest circumstances. Samuel Grant has the vision and experience necessary to faithfully represent Utah in times of crisis.

Did You support the stimulus?

With the country in a deep recession, the desire to stimulate the economy was understandable, but the execution of the stimulus was badly botched. The goal of these programs was to keep the unemployment rate below 8 percent, and now we’re seeing unemployment rates in the double digits. Much of the money set aside to stimulate the economy still has not been spent, which essentially nullifies the effectiveness of the stimulus.

Sam believes that the most effective way to spur job creation moving forward is to provide tax incentives for the small businesses that create more than half the jobs in the United States. As a successful small business owner himself, Sam has been creating jobs his entire life — he understands what it takes. Sam knows how to make a payroll and he knows how to grow a business, because he’s been doing just that for more than 40 years. That’s the kind of leadership we need in Washington during these tough economic times.