Some steps to clean the sports shoes properly

Most of the people want to choose the best sports shoes. They will be willing to spend a big budget to get the good pair because they are always interested in their health. With the expensive shoes, how to clean them is not easy, to be able to clean the shoes which still remain the color as well as the form of the sports shoes. However, you can do it if you have some tips that I will mention in this article. Right now, you will know some steps to clean the sports shoes properly. I am sure that many people use the sports shoes but they sometimes do not know to clean it in the right way. Here is a great reference for you.

Normally, the material of the sports shoes is made from the fabric. This feature will make the shoes be easy to fade and worn the fabric. Even it will be lost the original beauty when you do not know the way to clean it.


Step 1: Clean dirt on the shoes and shoelaces

In the case, the surface of the sports shoes has the mud. You should perform some following steps:

  • You only start to clean it when the shoes are completely dry.
  • Then, tap into the ground and pat on the paper to the dirt on the soles;
  • Next, use the wet white cloth and remove the dried mud on the shoes;
  • Finally, you repeat the same with the shoelaces.

Step 2: Wash and rinse water

If your sports shoes are dirty on the soles and the area under the shoes. You only should rub the residue. You absolutely do not dip the shoes into the water. This can affect the color and its fabric is pasty.

You can use a brush and dip into the washing water or the toothpaste to brush the dirty soles. After that, you use the wet towel to clean. Finally, you use another dry towel to clean again.

However, if your shoes are dirty on the upper parts you will clean as below:

  • Firstly, you must remove the shoelaces out;
  • Then, use the warm water to rinse the shoes;
  • Next, use the toothpaste to dip into the dishwater;
  • After that, you start to clean from the inside to the outside and rinse again with the water;
  • Finally, you check your sports shoes again. If it is not clean totally you can rub gently some positions which they are dirty.

For the colored shoes, you should not use the high detergents. Therefore, before washing you need to test on a small surface of the shoes. You consider that this type of the detergent has affected the color of the shoes or not.

Step 3: Hang out the sports shoes

Place the shoes in the places with the direct sunlight and avoid the location where it is too wet because your sports shoes will take a long time to dry. Besides, it will have the bad smell and easy to stain.

On the other hands, you should not hang out the shoes near the fireplace. This place is too hot. This can make your shoes be hot and cracked.

In summary, these steps are very basic and easy to understand that you can follow. You try to choose the best sports shoes. You also should know some tips to clean them properly. With the methods, I think your sports shoes will be always nice and clean. Of course, its life is also extended. Also, you will feel more confident to wear the clean sports shoes.