2 Common Reasons Making Your Heel Hurt When Walking

Surely, you also read a lot of articles relating to foot health when your feet meet some problems. Normally, you will find out the main causes leading to the foot pain. So, do you know what reasons making your heel hurt although you just walk? You will have this information in my writing. Actually, this is the useful knowledge which you should know because the heel hurt when walking is a common problem in our life.

  1. Plantar fasciitis

When you sit a place and stand for a long time you will feel hurt the bottom of your heel too much. This case is very popular with many people. Every year they must treat the heel hurt because it makes them pain a lot.

Plantar fasciitis is a tissue band which it runs down the arch of the foot. Of course, this tissue band will connect both the toes and the heel. Your feet will absorb all shocks when you walk, run, and move to the daily activities.

Here are some tips to improve this case:

  • You should have the proper rest mode when you feel your heel start hurting;
  • In addition, you should wear the supportive shoes. This help this heel hurt improve significantly which you should not skip;
  • Moreover, you must change your shoes about at least 4 months or 6 months depending on how about you run or walk;
  • Also, you can stretch your feet to loosen the muscles. At that time, the plantar fascia is reduced and you will not feel too pain. Especially, you should practice stretching your feet every day like your habit.
  1. Fat pad atrophy

Our feet must step too much. For a long time, the natural pad of our feet means the bottom of the foot skin will wear down. Of course, you will feel so pain because the thin fat pads increase the pressure on your heel. This is also the main reason which your heel pains.

Now I will share how to cure this fat pad atrophy. You should apply them to treat this symptom.

  • Having the reasonable rest mode is a priority criterion combining the anti-inflammatory to reduce your hurt.
  • You also need the right support to prevent this case.
  • On the other hands, you should not wear the high heel during this time. Even, you should limit to wear them when your feet are better after treating.
  • Also, you try to move, walk and run on the soft surface to avoid creating the pressure on the heels.

In summary, in our life, you meet a lot of problems with our feet. You will feel so tired and affect your health as well as the working quality. By anyway, we must treat it to avoid that the situation becomes worse. Two diseases which they relate to the feet health are very common. So you should have the treatment properly. I think this short article will be the valuable information which you need to know in your life.