VoteforGranato.comHi, my name is Robert Granato. I’m a high school teacher in LA, I’m a father of 2 kids and have been an experienced runner for 7 years. Running is my hobby and passion before I get marriage,  though I’m just an amateur who runs in free time after work, I’ve got obsessive with running gears as well as the right way to take care of the feet for runners, that’s also the reason why this blog was born.

VoteforGranato.com was founded in 2015 when I got many questions from my friends and my students.

What are the best shoes for running? How to find a good pair of running shoes with a decent price? How to cure plantar fasciitis?….

These are some examples of the questions I was asked, people around me who like running have the same problems. So I decided to create a place where I can share my knowledge and experiences in an easier way and to more people.

My favorite topics at VoteforGranato.com are foot-related health issues, tips and guides on how to fix them, running techniques, running shoes, smart watches reviews and buying guides sometimes…

If you have any questions or any recommend topics for me just send me an email at Granato@voteforgranato.com I’d love to hear opinions from my readers.

To all of my friends and students as well as readers of this blog, thank you for trusting me and joining with me on my journey. I believe my sharing is my loving and caring to all you guys!