Some types of beautiful shoes for Christmas

Christmas season is coming and the weather also become colder. It is so great to sleep in the morning. I like this feeling too much. To protect your foot health, we must change the types of shoes which you are wearing. Depending on your hobby to choose the shoes for Christmas, I will give some types of beautiful shoes which I guess that they are the best suggestions for you choose presents at Christmas, especially Christmas Gift ideas for Girlfriend.


Choosing shoes to go out in the Christmas

On this occasion, you will go out with your friends. Thus, you should invest the suitable shoes which they are the most suitable for you. You need to have some specific criteria before you going to the shoe shop:

  • Surely, you will note the size of the shoes. This will help you always feel comfortable, gentle and flexible for all activities;
  • Besides, the materials of the shoes must keep warm for your feet because the weather in the Christmas is very cold. However, the materials still ensure that your feet need to cool and dry;
  • Also, you should pay attention to the color. It must be bright and dynamic;
  • After that, you consider the styles of shoes. Its style must appropriate with your age group;
  • Finally, the price is also very important. You should check your budget because many shoes to go out in the Christmas day are expensive.

How about the boot shoes

Wearing the boot shoes in the Christmas season is one of the right choices of many people. The boot shoes are no only to keep warm for the foot but also to create the fashion style. Especially, they are the preference of the young.

Most of the boot shoes are made from the soft fabric that it is very safe for the skin.

Moreover, the sole of the shoes is designed very youthful. There is certainly friction when you move. Even you are going the wet floor. The boot shoes are the great choice to protect your feet in the winter.

The sports shoes

You like sport and you are willing to spend a lot of money to buy the good sports shoes. You can wear this shoe during the Christmas season. But your sports shoes must be clean. At this time, the sports shoes will create the own fashion and you still can help your feet become warmer.

In the case, you are finding out the sports shoes to going out in these days. Then, you will use this shoe for exercise. It is no problem. You can choose the sports shoes.

In conclusion, you are worrying that what types of beautiful shoes to wear in the Christmas season. This writing just helps you have the valuable information. Now, please choose one of the shoe types which you feel the most suitable. Good luck to you!


Some steps to clean the sports shoes properly

Most of the people want to choose the best sports shoes. They will be willing to spend a big budget to get the good pair because they are always interested in their health. With the expensive shoes, how to clean them is not easy, to be able to clean the shoes which still remain the color as well as the form of the sports shoes. However, you can do it if you have some tips that I will mention in this article. Right now, you will know some steps to clean the sports shoes properly. I am sure that many people use the sports shoes but they sometimes do not know to clean it in the right way. Here is a great reference for you.

Normally, the material of the sports shoes is made from the fabric. This feature will make the shoes be easy to fade and worn the fabric. Even it will be lost the original beauty when you do not know the way to clean it.


Step 1: Clean dirt on the shoes and shoelaces

In the case, the surface of the sports shoes has the mud. You should perform some following steps:

  • You only start to clean it when the shoes are completely dry.
  • Then, tap into the ground and pat on the paper to the dirt on the soles;
  • Next, use the wet white cloth and remove the dried mud on the shoes;
  • Finally, you repeat the same with the shoelaces.

Step 2: Wash and rinse water

If your sports shoes are dirty on the soles and the area under the shoes. You only should rub the residue. You absolutely do not dip the shoes into the water. This can affect the color and its fabric is pasty.

You can use a brush and dip into the washing water or the toothpaste to brush the dirty soles. After that, you use the wet towel to clean. Finally, you use another dry towel to clean again.

However, if your shoes are dirty on the upper parts you will clean as below:

  • Firstly, you must remove the shoelaces out;
  • Then, use the warm water to rinse the shoes;
  • Next, use the toothpaste to dip into the dishwater;
  • After that, you start to clean from the inside to the outside and rinse again with the water;
  • Finally, you check your sports shoes again. If it is not clean totally you can rub gently some positions which they are dirty.

For the colored shoes, you should not use the high detergents. Therefore, before washing you need to test on a small surface of the shoes. You consider that this type of the detergent has affected the color of the shoes or not.

Step 3: Hang out the sports shoes

Place the shoes in the places with the direct sunlight and avoid the location where it is too wet because your sports shoes will take a long time to dry. Besides, it will have the bad smell and easy to stain.

On the other hands, you should not hang out the shoes near the fireplace. This place is too hot. This can make your shoes be hot and cracked.

In summary, these steps are very basic and easy to understand that you can follow. You try to choose the best sports shoes. You also should know some tips to clean them properly. With the methods, I think your sports shoes will be always nice and clean. Of course, its life is also extended. Also, you will feel more confident to wear the clean sports shoes.


How To Choose The Right Shoes for Common Sports

How To Choose The Right Shoes for Common SportsYou know clearly the basic things to choose the best sports shoes and you believe your experience. However, when going to the shoe shop you may feel overwhelmed with a lot of types of the sports shoes from many famous brands.

Although you determine that you will buy what kind of the sports shoes and you also have the support from the salesman. It is very important to choose the sports shoes which they are the most appropriate with your feet as well as using purpose. In addition, you should remember that with the different sports, you will need different shoes to protect your feet and your health. Thus, I will introduce some tips to choose the best shoes for some common sports.

  1. How to choose the running shoes

If you have a habit to exercise every morning and the running is your choice. You should select the sports shoes having the following characteristics:

  • Having a cushioning for shock absorption to protect your feet and control your heel better. Also, this pad can also prevent the tendinitis and heel pain effectively. It is an important requirement which the good running shoes must have.
  • Having the lightweight will help you move and run easily.
  1. How to choose the walking shoes

Today, walking is a great sport not only the choice of the adults but also of the youth because walking is very good for the cardiovascular system. Therefore, you can refer to some criteria as follows:

  • Select the gentle shoes, they’re perfect choice for best shoes for standing all day
  • Have a shock absorbing padding in the heel. This will limit the heel pain and easily for transforming weight from the heel to the toes to reduce the pressure on the feet.
  • Check out the video below for further explanations
  1. How to choose the tennis shoes

The tennis players need the shoes that they can bring the high stability. When playing the tennis, the players always contact with the field and move very quickly in all positions. That is the reason the tennis shoes must have the slip capability and good traction.

  1. How to choose the basketball shoes

Buying the basketball shoes is different from choosing the tennis shoes. A pair of thick and stiff shoes is the proper choice for the basketball. This feature will increase the stability when the players run on the field.BASKETBALL COURT-SIDELINE BENCH

Of course, you are not necessary to buy each pair of shoes for each sport separately but you like to play that sport regularly it can be more than 3 times a week. At that time, you should have to protect your health.

In conclusion, 4 sports which I mention in this writing are very popular nowadays. You can base these to choose the good sports shoes for your feet. I think this is very simple but it should note to your practice bringing the high effect. Hope you select the best shoes for your sport.


2 Common Reasons Making Your Heel Hurt When Walking

Surely, you also read a lot of articles relating to foot health when your feet meet some problems. Normally, you will find out the main causes leading to the foot pain. So, do you know what reasons making your heel hurt although you just walk? You will have this information in my writing. Actually, this is the useful knowledge which you should know because the heel hurt when walking is a common problem in our life.

  1. Plantar fasciitis

When you sit a place and stand for a long time you will feel hurt the bottom of your heel too much. This case is very popular with many people. Every year they must treat the heel hurt because it makes them pain a lot.

Plantar fasciitis is a tissue band which it runs down the arch of the foot. Of course, this tissue band will connect both the toes and the heel. Your feet will absorb all shocks when you walk, run, and move to the daily activities.

Here are some tips to improve this case:

  • You should have the proper rest mode when you feel your heel start hurting;
  • In addition, you should wear the supportive shoes. This help this heel hurt improve significantly which you should not skip;
  • Moreover, you must change your shoes about at least 4 months or 6 months depending on how about you run or walk;
  • Also, you can stretch your feet to loosen the muscles. At that time, the plantar fascia is reduced and you will not feel too pain. Especially, you should practice stretching your feet every day like your habit.
  1. Fat pad atrophy

Our feet must step too much. For a long time, the natural pad of our feet means the bottom of the foot skin will wear down. Of course, you will feel so pain because the thin fat pads increase the pressure on your heel. This is also the main reason which your heel pains.

Now I will share how to cure this fat pad atrophy. You should apply them to treat this symptom.

  • Having the reasonable rest mode is a priority criterion combining the anti-inflammatory to reduce your hurt.
  • You also need the right support to prevent this case.
  • On the other hands, you should not wear the high heel during this time. Even, you should limit to wear them when your feet are better after treating.
  • Also, you try to move, walk and run on the soft surface to avoid creating the pressure on the heels.

In summary, in our life, you meet a lot of problems with our feet. You will feel so tired and affect your health as well as the working quality. By anyway, we must treat it to avoid that the situation becomes worse. Two diseases which they relate to the feet health are very common. So you should have the treatment properly. I think this short article will be the valuable information which you need to know in your life.


Do You Know How To Treat Smelly Feet?

The smelly feet are a disease very popular in our society today. Many people feel unconfident because their feet have a smell. Many people complain that its smell is extremely terrible when they wear the sports shoes. Do you know how to treat this? In this article, I will share a brief introduction about the smelly feet. I think you will know more information around the smelly feet. Especially, you can refer to how to cure the smelly feet effectively.

Why do our feet sweat?

The sweat is the main reason which leading to the bad smell of the feet. However, why do our feet sweat? There are the basic causes as follows:

  • The temperature of each season in the year also affects the level of the sweating foot too much. With people such as the teenagers and pregnant women who have the change in hormone, the sweating foot level will be more.
  • Moreover, you have high stress in your work. This is also the small reason for sweating foot more than usual
  • Also, you have the disease that it is called rheumatism. Surely, your feet are always wet. It is a good environment for the development of bacteria as well as the virus. Therefore, you will have the smelly feet.
  • In addition, you are wearing the dirty shoes or the shoes are wet and do not dry yet. At this time, the smell of shoes is very awful.

How to treat the smelly feet?

Of course, you will have some ways to treat this disease. In fact, you will do it very simple at home. Here are some solutions for treating the smelly feet:

  • You should wash our feet with the Hibiscrub soap. This is the type of anti-bacteria soap which many people used and felt very satisfied this product. However, you can also use other products with the deodorizing function for feet. But the Hibiscrub soap is still the best choice.
  • You must maintain the habit to wash your feet twice a day. Actually, it does not take you a lot of time. I believe that you will banish all cares about the smelly feet within one week.

When should you see the doctor?

Although you try to wash your feet many times with the different soaps and you can not improve the bad smell for your feet. If your health is good and all daily activities are also normal. You should see the doctor as soon as possible.

The specialist doctor will give the useful advice to reduce your sweat if your case is not serious. Or you will use the drug to treat this disease.

Beyond that, the doctor will guide how to take care of your feet properly to limit the perspiration and reduce the foot odor.

At that time, you can ask the doctor how to prevent the smelly feet effectively.

In summary, the smelly feet are harmless for our health. Normally, it will disappear when your health is balanced. However, the smelly feet are sometimes a sign of medical condition or the change in hormone of your body. It is better to monitor all changes about health. In the first stage, you can apply some tips as I share the information in this writing. It is very effective and easy to do. Hope you apply successfully.


Plantar Fasciitis Overview

Our feet is a very important part of our body, it’s role is carrying the whole body, that means it helps you to move, and it is the lowest part of the body that directly touch the ground. It will be very frustrated if our feet, as well as our legs, don’t function properly because we can’t move anywhere. However, nowadays in our society, people work in such a fast pace that they do not have enough time to take a proper care of their feet. That results in raising the rate of people getting foot health problems in America. 75% of Americans suffer from foot pain at least once in their lives.


One day in the morning when you take the first step into the ground out of your bed you feel like something sticking to your heel, but the few next step that feeling goes away. You probably have Plantar Fasciitis, one of the most common cause of heel pain, you have the exact symptoms as millions of Americans. The medical cause of this disease is a ligament of yours, the plantar fascia, is inflamed due to overusing. This happened because you are on your feet for too long without the right support from your shoes. Here are 6 types of people that are likely to have PF:

  1. Nurses who work in the hospital: with the 12 hours work shifts which require standing, walking and even running, it’s obvious that nurses are the one that are likely to get PF the most
  2. A similar job is teachers, who stand in front of the board all day and maybe have to move around a little bit. So high heel is definitely not a good choice for teachers, even heels, I recommend no higher than 5.1 cm
  3. Next are workers who work in construction industry. Not only you have to walk, but may also climb(with heavy weights). You need a very tough shoes, a steel toe boots with comfortable padding I suggest. Otherwise, you feet will be in real trouble.
  4. Salesman who move a lot to directly find and meet customers. But you can’t wear some kind of shoes like running shoes, that’s not suitable for your work. You have to wear suits and formal shoes all days, which are not always comfortable. No worry I a solution, why not try a shoe insert? Just a small investment and your heels will thank you very much.
  5. Waiters are also likely to have foot problems because of the high-intensity working environment in restaurant require them to walk fast and run continuously.
  6. Last but not least, a very common object of Plantar Fasciitis is athletes. Excessive training makes your feet suffer. Choose a good pair of running shoes and exercise moderately, or you will have to give up on your career in at least 6 months.

If you are in this list, these are general advice for you:

  • Find a comfortable pair of shoes
  • Take care of your feet at least twice a week